1 Piece Mona Hijab (Brown)

1 Piece Mona Hijab (Brown)

1 Piece Mona Hijab (Brown)

  • Lycra hood and a chiffon shawl trimmed in satin ribbon
  • Comfortable and easy-to-wear hijab
  • Sleek & fashionable look

This pre-made hijib is sometimes called a Mona Hijab or Kuwaiti Hijab. The hijab is one piece, and has a brown microfiber Lycra hood with a long brown chiffon shawl trimmed in brown satin ribbon.
The shawl is attached at both ends onto hood, in a “loop” shape. To wear, just slip the hood part on over your head. Give the shawl ‘loop’ one twist, and then drape it over your head and pin it on the sides and/or at the top. When done the satin trim should line up with the top of the forehead seam. Put it on this way and this style is easier to wear than almost any other hijab. This is a great hijab for beginners, or someone who just wants a new look. Purchase from Zaffron Shop to ensure you receive the authentic item described here.

List Price: $ 11.49


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