Ethics in the Fashion Industry

Ethics in the Fashion Industry

Within a professional setting such as a business or and educational institution people
make decisions about what level of attention and care they give to the tasks at hand, what
they produce and how they produce it (whether it is a wool coat or a research paper), and
how they present their work to others. If we never had to deal with people, we would not
have any reason to worry about ethics. This is a book about the relationships between
functions in the textiles, apparel, and retailing complex and the people who make those
functions happen. The human element is explored in terms of decisions making processes
leading to outcomes that have ethical implications. Paulins and Hillery hope to empower
students who will soon become professionals in this industry to make good decisions
because they are informed about the industry, aware of controversial issues within the
industry, in touch with their own ethical constructs and aware of potential consequences
or benefits of their actions as they work through the decision-making process.

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