Are the prices mentioned on your website, for stitched suits or unstitched suits?
The prices mentioned on our website are for un-stitched suits except for the ones in category: Abaya, Ready to Wear and Girls / Boys Dresses.

Can I suggest changes to an outfit?
Sure! Whatever dress you choose to order we’ll let you customize it all the way from top to bottom! Feel free to contact the designer at any time with suggestions.

Does the pricing include shipping?
No. Since the shipping cost is different for each destination, we have mentioned the price without adding any shipment charges. Delivery within Pakistan is FREE!

How can I check the status of my order?
Upon dispatch of your order, we’ll email you an online tracking number. You are also welcome to e-mail queries related to your purchase anytime.

How can I get your size chart?
Please visit:
Here you will find our standard sizes. If you want custom made then you may let us know your size as per the chart and picture given on this page, and that will be arranged accordingly.

How can I make sure that you will supply the originals and not the replicas?
Original and Genuine suits comes in individual packing and polybag with the brand name mentioned. Sometimes if it is not in their packing, then you will see their brand name and tag on border or on the end of the suit in every yard. Yes we also supply replicas but it is already clearly mentioned and those can be found in separate category. Mainly the pictures which you see in bridal wear and party wear are mostly replicas and are custom made by us and will be exactly as shown in the picture but designer dresses and branded suits are all genuine and originals.

How can I order?
Simply fill the order form at: and click on Submit. Your will then soon receive our reply by email.

What does Qty stands for? It is written in the order form and it is necessary to fill that field
Qty stands for Quantity. Pls mention the number of items you want for that particular product you are entering.

I filled the form and entered the correct email address but when clicked on Submit button, it says: This is not a valid email address.
Please note the you should not use any space while entering the email address. Even there should no any space at the end. You will need to enter only email address without any additional characters or space at the end or beginning.

How long would it take to dispatch the ordered items?
It depends on the type of your order. Readymade dresses and unstitched cotton lawn suits can be dispatched after 4-5 days from the receipt of payment, but if you want stitching to be done by us, then it will depend on the quantity and nature of your order. Normal stitching require additional 10 days time whereas party wear can take 4 weeks time and for bridal wear we need 6 weeks time in order to complete the handwork too.

Any alteration in readymade suits will cost you US$5 per suit and we will need additional 2 days time too.

How shall I make the payment?
Acceptable modes of payment are via:
1) Money Exchange Western Union
2) Money Exchange Moneygram
3) Online
4) Online
5) Online Skrill – (Visa / Master / American Express accepted)
6) Via Direct Bank Transfer

I am a reseller and want to upload these pictures on my website or send these pictures to my customers. Can you send me pictures without your logo and watermark?
You will have to pay the charges if you want to get pictures without watermark. And the charges per designer album/catalog is US$5 only. For collection of Bridal Wear, Party Wear and the ones which have more than 50 pics in their catalog, the charges are US$5 per 50 pictures. The size and resolution will be the same as you see on our website.

I am a supplier from Pakistan and want to do business with you. I can supply you the dresses of your interest. How to proceed?
Welcome. If you are sure that you can meet and maintain the quality standards of international requirement and you carry latest fashion collection then you can contact our Mr. Khurrum Kamaal on 0334-3948583 and fix the appointment for further details and discussions. Or you can also send us your picture collection with price detail at:

I have seen cotton lawn suits in market, they are not complete as shown in picture like some suits don’t have panel fabric or laces or embroidered borders or neck pieces, etc. as per the picture. Will you provide these in unstiched suit pack? and what if I want stitched suit?
Yes, we can provide you the additional items but with extra charges. We are helpless in this regards as almost all the brands are showing many accessories in the pictures but those are actually not included or found in the dress when purchased. So we have to manually arrange it ourselves, which obviously increases the cost. We will mention all the details in our invoice separately. You can exclude whatever is not required. So is the case with stitched suits. Since we make the dress exactly as per the design and pattern shown in the picture, it is essential to arrange these items but if you want simple design or any other design of your choice which does not require these panels, finishing fabrics, laces, brooches and other accessories, then you can exclude it. There are also many suits which already includes all the additional items as per the picture.

If I buy in bulk, can you give me discount?
Sure, please view our discount packages at:

If there is any defect in your material then what do you do?
We have strict control of inspection and quality checking. There is always a re-check of each and every single piece before dispatching it to our customers. Alhamdulillah, we have no any single complain history. Don’t worry about this, we are here to take care of everything. We have all well experienced and trained professionals in our team. We assure you that there will be never any situation from our side due to which you will have to claim your money back as we do not want a one time business. We want regular business, long term business and voluminous business. We absolutely understand that customer satisfaction is very essential to keep the business in running mode.

In party wear or bridal wear what fabric are you using?
It depends on the suit but we mainly use 100% pure natural soft khaadi chiffon fabric and tissue or jamawaar fabric wherever required. For trouser we use pure raw silk and for lining fabric we use pure medium china silk or malai fabric. If any special requirement, that can be arranged. Send the suit as attached file by email for which you want to know more details.

In your dresses, is there material inside for alterations when required?
Yes, all our dresses do have material for alteration.

Once you ship the goods, in how many days it will reach me?
Once your parcel is dispatched, it will reach you in 2-4 working days.

Same pictures are available on other websites too, how can this be possible?
You are right that same pictures are available on other websites because we are just the supplier and trade in famous branded goods and then we do stitching (if required). Therefore we take pictures from those brand’s manufacturers. We charge for our services and have no any of our own brand. If your continuous support and co-operation will remain, very soon we will launch our own brand too.

The price mentioned on your website are in US Dollars, how will I calculate dollars in Pak Rs. or in Pounds or Euro.
We have mentioned the price in US Dollars so that it can be easy for majority of our customers as US Dollar is more convenient for them to evaluate. For your convenience, we have also installed the currency converter box on right hand side panel at bottom on our website. Just enter the price and select the currency you want to be displayed and the result is shown instantly.

We want many different prints, colors and designs. You have very little collection on your website. I want to see more stuff.
We have tried to gather maximum collection which is just for an overview and idea purpose of what we can supply. You can let us have your own pictures or just simply show us few of the selection of your choice and leave the rest on us so as to arrange similar types and variety. We have good knowledge and understanding of selection and choice of customers depending on their location and area/destination.

What are the shipment charges?
We offer FREE Shipping within Pakistan.
Shipping cost for UK, USA, Canada & India is as follows:
– UK – Charges for 1st suit is US$19 and the cost for each additional suit is US$4 only.
– USA / Canada – Charges for 1st suit is US$24 and the cost for each additional suit is US$6 only.
The above charges are for shipment made through DHL courier and the goods will reach in 3-4 days time.
For other countries, pls visit:

What are your payment terms? Will you do business with us on consignment basis or credit basis?
We are sorry but we do not deal on consignment or credit terms. We only accept 100% payment in advance.

What are your stitching charges?
Stitching charges varies depending on the work and design shown in the picture. Generally cotton lawn suits are stitched in the range of US$20 – US$25 per suit.
Chiffon Dresses, Party Wears, Panel Frocks & Anarkalis are stitched in the range of US$30 – US$35 per suit and Bridal Wear (Shararas / Ghararas) are stitched in the range of US$40 – US$50 per suit.
If you want plain stitching without any design, pattern, laces, necklines etc. with finishing only in A-Line style, then the charges are US$15 per suit. The choice is yours.
Any alteration in readymade suits will cost you additional US$5 per suit and we will need 2 days time too.

What is the difference in Lawn, Khaddar, Cambric and Linen?
Lawn: Lawn cloth is a plain weave textile, originally of linen but now chiefly cotton. Lawn is designed using fine, high count yarns, which results in a silky, untextured feel. The fabric is made using either combed or carded yarns leaving a soft feel and slight luster.
Khaddar: a versatile fabric, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However, being a cruder form of material, it wrinkles much faster than other preparations of cotton. In order to improve the look, it is often starched to have a stiffer shape.
Cambric: A finely woven cotton fabric.
Linen: is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant and is valued for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather.

What is the minimum order quantity limit?
There is no minimum order quantity limit. We recommend you to buy atleast 6 suits so that shipment charges are divided and reduced. For example, shipping charges for 1st suit to UK is US$19 and each additional suit will cost you US$4 so if you order 1 suit, the shipment charges will be US$19 per suit but if you order 6, the shipment charges will be US$6.5 per suit.
Anyways, it is your choice. You can also buy 3 suits or 1 suit too.

What is your production capacity?
We estimate our work depending on the orders and have the capacity to arrange and hire / increase the number of experienced professionals depending on the work load.

What is your return or exchange policy?
Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We therefore offer 100% money back guarantee and all returns are acceptable within 30 days time. However the products that are stitched or customized as per customer’s requirement (party wears and bridal wears) cannot be returned or exchanged. Ofcourse shipment charges for the returns will be paid by the customer.

Whatever you have posted in your bridal wear or party wear, do you have that in ready stock with you?
For readymade bridal wear, kindly send us email and we will send you the pictures of what is available with us at that time as the variety changes frequently and we have only limited stock subject to unsold therefore we do not upload it on our website. Yes we have ready stock in party wear collection in complete size range which can be found in readymade party wear category.

When do you have new dresses and new style coming up which is in now a days? Because I want to order some dresses for RAMADAN / EID.
We try our best to upload latest and new arrivals on daily basis. You can also let us have your own picture collection so that we may arrange the suits for you accordingly.

Why the prices of your party wear collection seems a bit higher?
Our party wear collection are made on pure fabrics and you know the price of pure fabrics is very high compared to georgette chiffon or other look alike fabrics. We use best quality materials used in handwork embellishments and these are very different from readymade dresses. Even the stitching quality is totally different than readymade dresses. Actually our main specialty is party wear and bridal wear and many world wide renowned boutique owners are regularly buying this variety from us due to the quality we maintain. You can get lower price if you can compromise on quality but ofcourse we do not recommend at all.

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